Explaining financial technology sometimes works best when it comes from practitioners with a passion for (and a vested interest in) the topic. Glossary reports on industry players’ own versions of these technologies. Are they talking their own book? Maybe, but these people’s explanations can be more colorful and a little easier to understand than a textbook-style description.

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Bitcoin: as explained by BTCC’s Bobby Lee

Blockchain: as explained by Fenbushi’s Remington Ong

Blockchain forks: as explained by Leonhard Weese of Bitcoin Association of H.K.

Corporate venture: as explained by Digital Venture’s Paul Ark





DevOps: as explained by CyberArk’s Jeffrey Kok


Ethereum: as explained by Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum: as explained by Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys

Hyperledger: as explained by Linux Foundation’s Brian Behlendorf

Quantum computing: applications and challenges as explained by MIT